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Zombies War - Doomsday Survival Simulator Games
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Zombies War - Doomsday Survival Simulator Games

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Guerra do século entre seres humanos e zumbis! Pegue sua arma e comece a atirar

Got tired of ordinary zombie shooting game? Zombies War will bring you different shooting experience!

We can do nothing but combat with zombies continuously to survive in the doomsday.
But they’re too powerful to defeat. We need your help!!!

The new mission has been released. No.31, this is single operation and we’ll be your back. Complete the task and get back to the base. Do you copy?

*Multiple firearms:
Snipe rifle, heavy machine gun, machine gun, melee weapon... you can find all weapons in this game. Just take your favourite gun and start killing!
*Various featured defense items:
Get burst buff by mysterious mask and awesome suits. Fool with zombies by clone bombs. You will get to know different methods to complete your mission. All depends on your imagination.
*Multi game modes:
You may meet different modes in various levels: killing mode- you have to kill all the zombies; transport mode- transfer materials and get rid of zombies; defense mode- defend your wounded allies or important gears before the assistance comes.
*Simple to operate:
The left button controls the moves and the right button controls shooting, item releasing and vision angle. The fast turn-back button allows you to combat in a orderly way.

It’s time to take up your gun and shoot at the enemy. It’s time to show our power!
A big challenge to your shooting skills!
Go and perform your elite sniper style!
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