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eBook - HQ Deathlok: The Souls Of Cyber-Folk
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eBook - HQ Deathlok: The Souls Of Cyber-Folk

7 de julho

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As if being duped by his evil ex-employers into becoming the cyborg soldier Deathlok isn't enough, now Michael Collins is square in the sights of a mad villain collecting and disassembling cyborgs and androids. Can you guess the secret of Mechadoom? Hopefully, Deathlok can -- with a little help from the Fantastic Four and the X-Men! Then, what happens when the man in the body of a killing machine meets the killing machine in the body of a man? Find out when Deathlok and the Punisher team up! And the nightmare is far from over for Collins: When he finds himself in battle with Ghost Rider, it's time to fight hellfire with firepower! Though a pacifist at heart, Deathlok quickly gets to grips with the ever-volatile Marvel Universe!
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