The Power Of Productivity: How To Do More In Less Time - Grátis

The Power Of Productivity: How To Do More In Less Time - Grátis

4 de maio de 2017
Descrição do eBook:

Do you feel overwhelmed and busy all the time, but aren’t productive at all?
Productivity affects all of our daily activities, and lack of it can have very big effects on our lives. Many people struggle with being more productive, so you are not alone in this. Mental blocking, boredom and fear are some of the reasons for an unproductive day.

A productive person has no more time than you, and certainly that person is not busier than you. And in this book you will learn how to stop being a busy and overwhelmed person to be a productive person and with much more free time to do the things you love most.

You Will Learn:
  • How to enjoy every moment of your day
  • Why do it all if other people can do better and faster than you
  • What steals your time
  • Why you procrastinate
  • Why resting the mind is one of the most important aspects of your productivity
  • What daily goals can do for you
  • The best free apps you can use to plan your day in the best possible way
  • The power of focus and how it can change your life
  • The best technique to not feeling tired, being more productive and doing more in less time
  • And much more!
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