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Scientific calculator | complex number calculator - Grátis para Android
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Scientific calculator | complex number calculator - Grátis para Android

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Innovative, poweful scientific calculator app, with linear regression & graphics, complex numbers calculation capability and with a unique intuitive user interface and a lot of useful features.

• Supports all standard mathematical functions including trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, hyperbolic and inverse trig/hyperbolic functions plus the Gamma function, Γ, and Psi function, Ψ.

Swipe the number pad to the right to see more functions (trig, hyperbolic, inverses, etc).

• Calculate expressions containing complex numbers in standard form a+bi and polar (phasor) form r∠(θ).

• Convert complex numbers to all forms.

• RAD and DEG mode.
• Fixed, scientific and engineering notations.

Do statistics with one or two dimensional data:
• x1, x2 ,x3, ....
• Press Σ to calculate sum, mean, max, min, variance, sample and standard deviation, median,upper and lower quartile, etc.

• x1, y1; x2, y2; x3, y3; ... .
• Press Σ to calculate the equation of the linear regression line and graph it .

• Long press ! to calculate combinations C(n, r) and permutations P(n, r).

• Enter functions f(x) or parametric equations p(t) and generate table of values.

• Physical/Chemical/Atomic and other scientific constants.

• Easy to use unit converter. (Time, Mass, Length, Velocity, and many more.)

All of the above with more details are included in the built-in Instruction menu accompanying this scientific calculator.
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