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Motorbike Racer - PC - Windows Store
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Motorbike Racer - PC - Windows Store

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Motorbike RacerMotorbike Racer is an exceptional game for all fans of dangerous racing, speeding and motorbikes! We know you are outstanding racer; you like to hear whistle of wheels and to see smoke from under your tires! What can be more exciting for you than to participate in furious racing? And we've created the new game which will impress you for sure! Imagine yourself in the dark desert, only you and your motorbike. You have to reach the finish, but there are dangerous obstacles on your way! Angry devils with sharp teeth want to kill you! It is a really amazing and dangerous racing! We know you like speeding, but what about this app we introduce you? Start the engine of your motorbike and run over the devil from hell itself along with Motorbike Racer ! Choose the character you like, but don't forget that every character has its own unique motorbike!


- Amazing HD graphics plunge you in the atmosphere of hell’s danger and speeding;

- Fascinating and unusual style of racing game, with fiery devils;

- Awesome interface and comfortable control;

- Many characters with unique motorbikes

- Excellent game for fans of motorbikes.

Motorbike Racer is outstanding combination of hell theme and motorbike racing! Speeding and dangerous racing are everything for a real racer!
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Droga, paguei R$307,45 semana passada!
6 Comentários
Boa , de R$307,45 a grátis
Droga, paguei R$307,45 semana passada!
fui la olhar que jogo era neh kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk pqp nao valia nem 0,50 cents kkkkk o grafico consegue ser bosta rsrs
carlos.h01/04/2020 14:22

Droga, paguei R$307,45 semana passada!

Ahahhahahah Microsoft e suas piadas
carlos.h01/04/2020 14:22

Droga, paguei R$307,45 semana passada!

Aaa mas certamente vlw a pena. O jogo é incrível
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