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29 de outubro de 2019

Esta promoção está encerrada. Aqui estão algumas opções que podem te interessar:

Atire a bola no gol! Esmague seu oponente! Vença a liga de futebol!

Win this racing football competition with your best technology!

Victory doesn't have to be a goal, and you can win the battle with your opponent's chariot!

Drive your rocket racing and enjoy the feeling of scoring in the rain!

Game features:
★ Diverse gameplay: story mode; 3v3 football confrontation, 3v3 free combat confrontation; steel football confrontation tournament; free combat confrontation tournament;
★ Doomsday wild style racing car, bring you the most exciting visual experience, personally modify your car, put your car with sharp weapons, and tear your opponent in a flash;
★ Rich racing and equipment: 8 top chariots, 5 modified items, dozens of auto parts, let you build your own car. Speed is not the most important attribute of a racing car on this gunpowder racing stadium. You need more powerful weapons and more solid armor to survive in this powerful final.
★ Simple game operation: Drag the lower left corner to simulate the joystick to control the movement of the car; use the equipment button to attack the enemy or defense, and the football will hit the entry frame in a limited time, that is, victory, of course, it is not bad to hit the opponent into scrap iron.

Are you ready to win in the fierce competition for resources?

Win this car battle and become a real car football hero!

Crush all other cars and become champions
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Parece um Rocket League pra baixando pra experimentar
Capitão_Descontos29/10/2019 09:29

Parece um Rocket League pra baixando pra experimentar

Boa. Depois diga o que achou, por favor!
O melhor é a audácia dos caras em colocar um montage de Rocket League no video promocional
Qual a sua opinião?