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[Android] APP | SM PDF Advance Tool
17 de junho de 2021

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Maneira muito fácil de converter facilmente seu arquivo em um arquivo PDF.

The SM PDF Advance Tool Pro, Major changes in this version:
- Unlimited features & premium support
Contact Support Manager : [email protected]
SM PDF Advance Tool Best phone PDF Tool for android.

PDF Advance Tool Pro is a lightening-fast app which provides free Pro PDF Advance Tool service. 

Use PDF Advanced Tool:-
It's simple, easy and advanced pdf tool for android users. Where you can easily convert any file (Image, Text, QR or Barcodes, Excel) into pdf.
You can explore more features which is used in daily lifestyle.

Why choose SM PDF Tool Pro?

✓ Images to PDF
   Select single image or multiple images and one click to create pdf
✓ Text to PDF
   Just select your text file and create pdf file easily.
✓ QR & Barcodes to create PDF
    In this functionality you just need to scan any QR code or Barcode
    so that content any of the text take and create pdf file.
✓ Excel to PDF
   Just select any of your excel file to create pdf file in single click.
✓ View PDF Files & History
    Maintain created pdf file history as well as you can see your device
    contain existing pdf documents.
✓ Advanced Options
    Add Password
    You can add password in any pdf document.
✓ Remove Password
    You can remove password in any of pdf document.
✓ Add Text
   In this functionality you can select text file or existing pdf document
where  you can add text and apply formatting like
increase/decrease font size or  change font family.
✓ Rotate Pages
You can rotate any of the page in pdf document.
✓ Add Watermark
You can add any of the text watermark in whole pdf document or
existing pdf.
✓ Add Images
You can add more images in existing pdf document.
✓ Merge PDF
You can merge two or more pdfs.
✓ Split PDF
You can split any of the pdf in just one click.
✓ Invert PDF
Using this option can invert any of the pdf with black or white
✓ Compress PDF
Compress any of the pdf file mean when you will compress at that
time pdf file size is decreased.
✓ Remove Duplicate
Using this option you can remove duplicate pdf file from your
✓ Remove Pages
In this functionality you can remove any of the page from selected
✓ Reorder Pages
You can reorder any of the page from selected pdf document.
✓ Extract Images
You just need to select any of the pdf document so in that
document any images its extracted.
✓ PDF to Images
You can select pdf that is converted to images.
✓ Extract Text
You can extract text from pdf document.
✓ Zip to PDF
In this functionality you can make zip file to pdf document.
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